Permanent loss of hair in women

Permanent hair loss in women has different forms. These forms of alopecia are classified according to Lugwig's classification.

Lugwig's classification

Stage I

Moderate alopecia of the vertex, anterior-posterior (widening of the line), respecting the anterior line on 2 to 3cm.

Stage II

Alopecia located 1cm from the anterior frontal line.

Stage III

Alopecia almost total of the vertex.

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In any event, the woman never becomes completely bald. Hair becomes scarce a little bit everywhere on top of the scalp (vertex) exposing the scalp.

There isn't any rule indicating at what moment baldness is going to start and at which state it is going to stop.

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Androgenetic alopecia isn't in any case a disease as the levels of hormones are normal. It is simply a genetic predisposition of hair follicles. Besides, the scientific research conducted until now didn't allow to set up a medication stopping permanent hair loss.

Therefore there is no lotion nor cream that can make hair grow on one or some balded areas. However, considerable progress has been made in the domain of hair transplant, offering an efficient and definitive solution in the treatment of baldness.

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