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Hair transplant through FUE method: totally painless and without scars.
A natural and definitive result!

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Treatment of baldness, alopecia, permanent hair loss

Our hair Clinic is specialized in hair micro transplant through FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method only. It is nowadays the most efficient method to carry out a qualitative hair transplant. Indeed, this method allows to retransplant hair by hair.

Our Micro transplantation hair Center treats the permanent loss of hair in men and women.

Hair transplant through FUE method

The answer to the problems of baldness and alopecia

The FUE method means the transplant through follicular unit extraction. This method is today the most efficient answer to the treatment of permanent hair loss.

That's how the hair Center Villa La Tour guides you to find solutions for your hair loss : baldness in man and alopecia in woman.

A state-of-the-art method for efficiency and safety

Hair mini ransplants procedures carried out within our Hair Center Villa La Tour are today the most adapted and most efficient treatments to fight permanent hair loss and restore your hair ressources.

In addition, the transplant procedure offers permanent and definitive results without any risk of rejection nor secondary effects. Indeed, it is most of all a self hair transplant.

With a highly specialized medical team

The Hair Center Villa La Tour is exclusively specialized in micro-retransplantation of hair. Our Center is made up of surgeons who are experts in the treatment of permanent hair loss.

Our medical and paramedical team is specifically trained in hair surgery. Moreover, the entire medical staff of our clinic is continuously trained to always be on the cutting edge of the latest medical breakthroughs in the treatment of alopecia and baldness. This performance requirement allows our hair transplant Clinic to constantly offer the best care to our patients.

FUE Hair Transplant French Riviera

The commitments of the hair Center


The hair Center Villa La Tour commits to carry out hair renewal through FUE micro-retransplantation of hair method. This efficient method is going to provide or restore your hairy ressources with an attractive look in order to be done with your bald spots or thinning hair.


The hair Center Villa La Tour commits to carry out a hair transplant procedure totally painless. All of our hair transplant procedures are carried out under a light local anaesthetic. The latter is done for the best comfort of the patient and the surgeon. Therefore, the patient can go back home the day of the procedure to resume his or her activities the next day.


The Hair Center Villa La Tour commits to perform procedures of transplant of natural hair. Hair transplant through the FUE method is a procedure of redistribution of hair ressources. This means that we only move bulbs (elements that allow hair to grow) from a donor site, generally at the bottom of the skull to a recipient area (bald spot or thinning).


The Hair Center Villa La Tour commits to carry out hair transplants with permanent results. Retransplanted hair in the bald area are going to have the same life and evolution than non retransplanted hair. Which means that this hair is going to grow around one centimeter per month. In addition, the sample area is contistuted of hair which genetic programming is protected from the harmful actions of androgen (hormones responsible for the permanent loss of hair). That's why the results obtained are permanent.


The Hair Center Villa La Tour commits to achieve micro-transplantation of hair without any risk. FUE method, that is the transplant by follicular unit, presents the great advantage to have no risk of reject nor unwanted effects. Indeed, transplanted grafts or bulbs belong to the patient himself, this is self transplant.


The Hair Center Villa La Tour commits to carry out hair transplant procedures without scars. A few weeks after the procedure, no visible trace of the procedure, even around the sample or transplant area. It will be impossible, even for hairstyle professionals, to guess the procedure took place.

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