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No scar on the donor site, and natural regrowth after a few months. A big bravo to the team for their work and efficiency.

Thomas, 26 years old, London (United Kingdom)

Three words come spontaneously to my mind to describe the clinic Villa La Tour : smiling welcome, professionalism and a serious follow up at each step. Ok, it has been more than three words, I’m so satisfied that I could write a novel.

Viktor, 51 years old, Ghent (Belgium)

The center was a referral from my hairdresser who has seen numerous patients perform transplants here, I thus decided to take it to the next level and I absolutely don’t regret it. The result of my transplant is as I expected.

Armando, 29 years old, Bologna (Italy)

As soon as 20 years old my gulfs became more acute and I tried to hide this complex by shaving my head because no treatment allowed me to find a solution. Until I decided to perform hair transplant and I don’t regret this decision at all !

Alejandro, 40 years, Seville (Spain)

My surgery went very well thanks to the entire team whom I thank very much for their patience and their listening. This also allowed me to discover the South of France which is a magnificent region.

Peter, 44 years old, Manchester (United Kingdom)

I’m more than happy of the result of my hair transplant, the look is natural we cannot notice that I have had this surgery, this allowed me to regain confidence in myself. I thank the center and all the team for their professionalism and their follow up.

Günther, 38 years old, Berlin (Germany)

I’ve performed a transplant one year ago and I’m entirely satisfied with the result. I appreciate again my image in the mirror and it feels good.

Rayan, 32 years old, Paris (France)

Perfect welcome and care. I have finally regained thick hair and I have felt feminin again since my hair transplant.

Cindy, 36 years old, Marseille (France)
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