Patient/surgeon meeting:
the first appointment

The first appointment has for objective to undertake a hair assessment. The latter is essential to determine if the fall or loss of hair is temporary or permanent. Whatever the nature of the appointment, permanent or temporary loss of hair, the doctor will systematically take into account the human dimension of the patient.

A privileged moment between the patient and the doctor

It is during this medical test that the doctor will be able to listen, inform and guide the patient.

With the internet era, too often patients have incomplete and wrong information about permanent hair loss and hair transplant procedure. It is at the occasion of this first appointment that the surgeon will do his best to provide complete information about hair transplant surgery.

In addition, during this medical test, the doctor will explain to the patient the cause of the loss of his hair. Indeed, it is not possible to treat hair loss without knowing the cause. That's why, within the Hair Center Villa La Tour everything begins with an hair assessment.

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Dr Philippe Letertre & a patient

The hair diagnostic & personalised treatment plan

The doctor is going to begin his medical test by questioning the patient about the circumstances of the hair loss, but also about his life habits, his environment...He will also be interested in the family and personal history of the patient to determine if there is a hereditary condition for the appearance and the development of baldness. Finally, the expert doctor will ask the patient about his possible current medical treatment and about his medical and surgical history.

This hair assessment is used to identify the reasons of hair loss, determine if this loss is permanent or reversible. Once the hair diagnostic is realised, the doctor will be able to propose to the patient a personalised treatment plan.

At the end of the appointment, the doctor will give the patient all the necessary documents relative to the hair transplant procedure as well as a detailed estimate of the procedure fees.

Surgeon Letertre Philippe

Pre-operative precautions

Besides these usual precautions with the intention of having the surgery, it is important to follow and take the treatments that were prescribed to you during your pre-operative appointment. These treatments are made to limit the risks of infection, pain as well as the risk of a frontal edema.

Before your hair transplant procedure, the doctor will recommend you to follow some precautions:


During the 2 weeks before your procedure, it is important to avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication. If it is the case, it is essential to let your doctor know the day of the hair tranplant.


You must absolutely avoid applying hair products (gel, spray, …) the morning of the procedure.


It is recommended to have breakfast before the procedure of your hair transplant.


For faster healing, it is advised to stop smoking at least 24h/48h before the procedure. Indeed, tobacco can compromise a good healing.


3 to 5 days before the procedure, it is also advised to not drink alcohol, even a small glass of wine.

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