FUE hair transplant
a true victory over baldness!

To this day, there isn't any medical treatment that can solve androgenetic alopecia. Only a micro-transplantation procedure can restore hair. Besides, hair transplant is the surgical method the most used today.

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Hair transplant isn't a new process.

Indeed, first transplants have been described by a Japanese doctor about a century ago.At the beginning, hair transplants were performed taking small cylinder samples of the scalp from the occipital region, that were then retransplanted in bald areas.

These samples of grafts, done with the help of a surgical knife, had the inconvenience of leaving unattractive scars visible. In addition, results on the transplanted area were unnatural and not aesthetically satisfying. Very often, the patient's hair looked similar to a doll's hair or a field of leeks.

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FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method

At the beginning of the 80s, a new cycle of hair transplant came to life with the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method.

The further objective was to solve two disadvantages of the first hair transplant procedures: the sampling of big grafts and the scars that were left out onto the donor area.

This progress is the result of the miniaturizing of surgical instruments.

An extremely natural result without scars

FUE process is a light method of hair transplant. FUE consists in sampling follicle by follicle, in the donor area (generally the occipital region) to prevent any visible scar. We use the same process for retransplantation. Indeed, follicles are transplanted one by one in the balded areas like they were before.

Thanks to the latest surgical instruments we obtain today an extremelly natural result that is even undetectable by hairstyle professionals.

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Villa La Tour exclusively uses the FUE method

The Hair Center Villa La Tour exclusively uses the FUE method for the treatment of baldness in man and woman. This perfectly mastered method at our center has the advantage to perform high quality hair transplant.

Hair micro-transplantation is ideal to correct an emerging or settled baldness, or redensify the scattered hair as much as in men as in women.

Hair micro-transplantation is the most efficient and precise method today
in the treatment of permanent hair loss.

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Baldness treatment through FUE presents several advantages:



it allows to regain hair volume in a thinning or bare area.



Hair transplantation is a minor surgical procedure that is realised under a local aenesthesia. This is why the resumption of personal activities or professional is possible as soon as the end of the procedure.



Retransplanted hair is going to exactly reproduce what nature has so well created : it is going to follow a normal hair cycle of growth and loss.



In the months following the procedure, the transplanted hair is going to grow about 1cm per month in accordance with its genetic programming.


Risk free

There is no risk of reject because the replaced hair in the thinning areas belongs to the patient : it's self-transplant.


Without scars

Samples of follicles don't leave scars on the donor area.

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