Postoperative recoveries

After the hair transplant procedure, it is normal to notice the appearance of thin scabs that look like small cat scratches. They disappear rapidly within 15 days.

There is thus as many small scabs as grafts realised. You can get these scabs wet using the shower spray to soak them. Above all, you must clean very very slowly this area with a pad using a isobetadine shampoo during 3 days. The use of usual shampoo will be possible after.

After the shampoo, you must dry gently the area of the surgery dabbing it with a clean and dry towel. Then, you must apply the disinfecting spray once to twice a day.

These actions will allow a good and fast healing. They have to be repeated daily during 15 days. Sometimes certain patients notice light bleedings. In this case you must only apply a clean cloth or a pad on the area.

If the hair transplant procedure by FUE doesn't contain any postoperative care, there exists however some instructions to follow for the good procedure of the healing:

• Do not touch the transplanted area

• Do not use hair spray, gel or any chemical product on the transplanted areas, during 1 month.

• The first nights, it is advised to sleep with the head lighly raised with pillows in order to prevent the friction of the transplanted sites. Follow well your medical treatment according to the prescription you were given.

• Use preferably a soft shampoo. Make sure to massage very gently the grafted area without pulling off the small scabs that form at the grafts.

• Fix your hair delicately with your fingers the first days.

• After the hair transplant procedure, avoid using hair dryers that are too hot and too strong.

• It is highly inadvisable to dye or straighten your hair.

• Avoid sun exposure, prefer the shade and use an umbrella. In case of sun exposure, use sun protection.

• Do not wear a helmet (motorcycle) during 3 weeks.

• After the surgery it is prohibited to put your head in the pool and the sea.

• Do not go into a sauna or a hammam.

• Do not practice sport or violent physical activities, that could generate a risk of shock to the head (ex: combat sports, soccer etc...) during 10 days.

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